DJ Steve Lebo had the honor of  providing great entertainment for this late November celebration.  As most DJ's were winding down their season, Steve was winding up for a truly memorable and festive evening.  The guests did not disappoint DJ Steve!  The dancing continued throughout the evening and Kerry and Tim were spotted on the dance floor MOST of the night!  Tim and Kerry both being musicians, selected a very eclectic mix of music from the moment they walked in to "Temptation sensation" from It's always sunny in Philadelphia to their first dance "La Vie en Rose" By Louie Armstrong.  Guests were treated to a special Grand entrance that DJ Steve created exclusively for the newlywed couple. The pictures below (All images taken by Manny Nguyen Photography) are a clear example of the fun and excitement had by all!  Congrats Kerry and Tim!   IMG_8711IMG_8734 IMG_8957IMG_8718 IMG_8792IMG_8796